How to disassembly steering gear from a vehicle

  1. You need to prop up the front axle and put in on bearers.
  2. Detach longituindal steer rod from steering gear's arm.
  3. Screw off the tapping screw from steering gear's housing. Turn the steering-wheel till the piston reaches his upper limit. Then start the motor for about 10 seconds, not longer, in order to pump the oil out of the pump and tank. After turning the engine off turn the steering-wheel right and.left to the limit, in order to remove the rest of oil from hydraulic system.
  4. Detach Press and return conduits from steering box.
  5. Screw in the stoppers in order to keep the dust out of steering box.
  6. Detach the longituidal steering rod.
  7. Prop up the steering box with a bearer, which can carry a pulp of 100 kg.
  8. Screw off the screws that keep the steering box attached to a bearer and pull out the steering box.
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