Our company has a unique and complex quality control system. It consists of all levels of overhauling starting with reception of steering gear from our client,through disassembly, verification of parts, overhaul, assembly, diagnostics, storage, and ending on giving out to the customer. Our customers receive their steerings of high quality with parameters exact to the requirements of the manufacturers. The research stands that we have are of high standards. Unit of this kind is unique in Poland and little in the world. Thanks to it we can conduct a full work simulation of the steering unit in real conditions and in the same time we can conduct full diagnostics, excluding any repair fault. In this way we guarantee our customers the reception of their steering units in the condition that is equal to a new product. Simultaneously we enclose a certificate of quality and a one-year guarantee.In this way remanufactured steering units guarantee long lasting exploitation, failure-free in all road conditions. We also have a metallographic defectoscope which helps us to analyse the metallographic structure of the parts used for overhaul.Each steering gear, remanufactured at our company has its' identity number and technical record. Thanks to it at any time we can obtain the whole remanufacture process. To control the computers that simulate the work of steering units we use programmes worked out by our staff and companies specialized in these kind of computer programmes. The worked out programme of visualization makes it possible for the operator and controller follow-up action of the whole process.

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