The diagnostics stand, that we have is the most modern device of this kind in Europe and even the world. It was designed and made based on the newest world technical achievements. The components made by companies like: BOSCH-REXROTH, VACON, HYDAC, BECKHOFF - these are hydraulics, measurement, automatics and robotics market leaders, were used to build this device.

Check-up possibilities of his device are huge, strongly exceeding control requirements of manufacturers.of steering boxes and certificating units.

Construction and examine procedure of our stand, made and developed by our company's engineering staff, is our the most guarded secret.

Our stand gives us the possibility check-up and measurement of values like:

  • Drive moment of feed-pump
  • Power of drive engine
  • Intensity of oil flow
  • Oil temperature
  • Main shaft moment
  • Drive shaft moment
  • Main shaft's turn angle
  • Driver shaft's turn angle
  • Oil level drop in function of time
  • Work pressure in function of time
  • Inner leaks
  • Hydraulic balans of turn shaft
  • Resistance of steering-wheel's turn (steering gear's shaft) in function of turn angle
  • Relativeness between gap width of drive valve, and oil pressure
  • Connection between deflection or springy twist of centering elements, and the moment on steering-wheel
  • Relativeness between oil pressure and the moment on steering-wheel
  • Relativeness between force and the moment on steering-wheel in function of turn angle of this wheel
  • The moment that ought to be applied to turn the wheel in any angle
  • Substitutive stiffness of reduced system onto steering-wheel's axle.
  • Stability indicator
  • Angle of insensibility of steering system
  • The work that the driver needs to make to turn the steering-wheel in any angle
  • Assistance faktor
  • Kinematic shift of steering unit
  • Reaction time of steering unit in extreme Road conditions

The stand is fully automatic device, which works according to specified research programme.

With the use of SCADA programme you can either observe, or alternatively control the course of process from any place in the company, home or car with the use of computers' net connection, which also includes plugged monitoring cameras. The whole course of process is being saved to hard disc of an industrial computer.

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