Cause Remedy
There is too little oil in hydraulic system of the power steering mechanism. Open the oil tank and check the oil level. With engine running fill up with oil to the drawn line level and deaerate. In all cases check for leakproofness and remove all leak causes.
The hydraulic system is filled with air. Check for leakproofness of suction conduits and of pump shaft’s seal ring. Deaerate the hydraulic system and fill up with oil.
The pump regulative valve stays suspended or is clogged. Dismount the regulative valve, clean it through and check. The choke hole cannot be choked.
There has been filter crack and the choke hole of suction conduit has been choked. Dismount oil tank, pump regulative valve and clean the filtering slip. Clean through the suction conduit and suction stub.
The filter is stuck, conduits are choked. Dismount and exchange filter slip, clean the conduits.
The valve piston is leaky or it doesn’t seal the valve. Install new steering gear’s screw.
The seal ring in the intermediate cover is damaged. Dismount the valve cover and steering gear’s screw. Install new seal ring in the intermediate cover.
The piston sealing rings are damaged. Unscrew the valve cover. Dismount the shaft of steering gear’s arm. Check the shaft seal rings and piston, exchange rings when damaged. Check if the cylinder’s surface isn’t scratched or damaged. In case of scratches exchange the steering gear’s cover.
Lack of pressure in the lower part of the cylinder. Dismount the shaft and check the hydraulic limiter. In case of any damages the limiter needs to be exchanged. Replace for new round seal rings.
Lower- or upper hydraulic turn limiter has leaks. Dismount and check the hydraulic limiter. In case of damage one should be replaced. Replace for new round seal rings.
Pressure lack in upper space of cylinder. Unscrew the valve housing with intermediate cover and dismount the steering gear’s screw. Check the round seal rings between housing, intermediate cover and valve housing. Replace in case of damage. Check also the middle seal ring in the head of steering gear’s screw.
The seal ring of hydraulic divider of steering gear’s screw is damaged. Take off the valve’s housing and replace the seal ring..
The hydraulic limiter acts too soon. Regulate.
The groove ring in the intermediate cover is damaged or lost its’ elasticity. Dismount the valve housing, intermediate cover and steering gear’s screw. Install new, round shaped seal.
Wrong setup of hydraulic turn limiter, steering gear after letting go of steering-wheel, sets itsself in end setting. Regulate the settings of hydraulic turn limiter.
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