Does the company has an ISO 9001 quality certificate?

We are now closing all formalities. We have already initiated a complex control quality system, because we do care about it. It consists of all stages of repair. Each steering box has its' own identity number and a card, that contains all the data about steering box and how it has been repaired.

Does the workshop has devices used for diagnostic of steering boxes?

Yes, they enable to conduct a full simulation of steering box's work in real conditions for steering boxes as well as for rack and pinion steering units. In this way we can exclude any whatever repair fault.

Does a remanufactured steering box differ from a new unit?

For the needs of remanufacture we use only new parts. As a result we receive a measurement on a computer diagnostic stand, which shows that the parameters of examined steering box fit in standards given by producers of new steering gears. In this way we can give a one year guarantee, which is as long as the one given by the producer.

Do the producers also remanufacture steering boxes?

Yes, they do. By doing it in the similar way as we do it, they obtain the same effect.

When my steering box doesn't work is it better to remanufacture it or buy a used one?

Repair. It is a cheaper and better option. A remanufactured steering box with the use of new parts fulfil the producers' standards. It is verified on a diagnostic stand and it has a one year guarantee, without mileage limits. For a used (not remanufactured) steering box, a salesman will not give a one year guarantee, in fact he will give nothing at all. This cannot be examined only at a guess. Besides that it often happens, that into a steering box that is stored or used in the wrong way there might get water in. After some time a corrosion may develop, which will effect as simmering damage, and an oil leak is ready.

Do you remanufacture all types of steering boxes?

Yes, if only we can identify a steering box, therefore use appropriate parts.

Are there any parts that are not exchanged during remanufacture?

Yes, these are: shaft with steering system, rack and housing.

How long does a remanufacture of a rack and pinion steering box last?

The remanufacture of rack and pinion steering box last about 4-5 hours. In case there is a need of rack sanding, the steering box is ready for the next day. It is so, because we need to order appropriate seals.

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