What types of pumps do you remanufacture?

First of all the blade pumps and rack pumps in minority; we do not remanufacture piston pumps.

Can you tell the final price of remanufacture of steering pump on the phone?

Unfortunately it isn't possible. Pumps may be damaged in many different ways. For example, one might have a twisted shaft, in other the rotor might be damaged.

Do you have any pumps for exchange?

We do not have pumps for exchange because of the issues mentioned above. Client will pay only for this, that has been exchanged.

My pump suddenly stopped to work, what could have happened?

Most probably the pump's shaft has turned. Sometimes, the rotor with cylinder get damaged, which also has to be exchanged.

In my car the Power steering doesn't work, when you press the gas pedal it gets better, what could have happened?

It is the most common of steering pumps' damages. The might got seized or the rotor's shaft of the pump was damaged.

Is it possible, that through a pump the drossy oil from engine gets to the steering system?

It is possible. The pump is driven by distribution, and a twolips seal might got damaged. In this case you need to deliver this pump to us for seal exchange. But the thing isn't over yet, because there might be a need of general pump remanufacture.

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